Flex Fitness 32 years in Holland MI

Personal Training: because Everyone Performs Better with a Good Coach

There are many things which make Flex Fitness stand out, not the least of which is our experience.  Most fitness facilities now offer Personal Training for ‘free’ or via low priced ‘Certified’ Personal Trainers.  Buyer Beware: one of our Coach’s Cat is a Certified Personal Trainer!  (Yes, CAT, like Meow!)


Flex manages a number of highly skilled Trainers and Coaches with lengthy resumes of significant successes both with their own performances and their happy clients.


Please allow us to introduce you to a real problem solver who can take you from A to B in the shortest time and with the least frustration.

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Amy Miller

Amy is a world-class endurance athlete with nearly 20 years of experience coaching others to feel and function their best.  She is a CHEK Certified Trainer and Holistic Lifestyle Coach known for functional training, stability, injury rehab and core conditioning.  She is an expert in Program Design who works both hands on and hands off with her clients.


Amy can help you get sneaky strong!  Adding power and improving performance without adding bulk and weight.


You may also enjoy Amy’s Eco-Trek, outdoor adventures on area hiking trails.

contest prep personal training coaching

Rose Bouatic

Rose is a national level competitor in Women’s Physique with, well, let’s just say MANY years of experience both as an athlete and as a Trainer and Coach.


 Rose, along with her husband, Tommy, work hands on with clients at all fitness levels.  Rose is intense, cheerful, and motivating as a good coach should be.  She gets people to do more than they think they can!  Everyday folks losing weight and getting stronger is Rose’s everyday work.


She’s also a competition Judge and recognized expert in Contest Prep and Posing bringing out the best in Bodybuilding, Physique, Fitness, and Bikini Competitors.

boxing gym and personal training and coaching

Johnny Garcia

When Flex added our Title Boxing Gym inside our existing gym, we wanted the best Boxing Coach we could get and we’re blessed to have Johnny Garcia working with us.  Johnny is without question the best Boxer to ever come from Holland, MI, with over 20 Professional Fights including big time televised events in Las Vegas and at New York’s Madison Square Garden.


Johnny coaches an Intense workout, with real Boxing skills and techniques included.  His sessions are fun, functional, and high energy. Give Boxing a try, you might surprise yourself!

Personal Training: The fastest path to achieving your goal

Information is cheap and overwhelming these days. True expertise, that you can trust is hard to find.


Flex Personal Trainers and Fitness Coaches are vetted for hands-on experience, client satisfaction, and their ability to manage the unique needs of individual clients.  People are not produced in factories and they tend to get beat up along the way! There’s just no way for inexperienced Trainers to know how to make the most of such wildly different people.


Connect with us and allow us to introduce you to a Fitness Expert who will save you a ton of time and frustration and take you directly to your goal.


Flex personal trainers work in a variety of styles and offer a variety of options for pricing those services based on what works best.  As a Rule of Thumb plan on investing about $50/hour.


Also, plan on investing about one month of work for every year it took you to get where you are now; to get where you want to be in your ideal future.


Contact us also about specialized Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Contest Prep, and Contest Posing technique and routines.