Corina Mendoza Bikini Competitor FLEX Fitness Center

Five lbs. of #FlexFriday – June 9 Edition

It’s #FlexFriday! June 9th Edition

Happy #FlexFriday to all! Every Friday, Flex Fitness will bring you Five Pounds of Flex Friday – a quick, entertaining read showing you the greatest things we’ve seen this week in the world of fitness, weightlifting, bodybuilding and other things in the world. Make sure you sign up here to get this in your inbox every week.

#1 – The #FlexFriday Pic of the Day:

Happy #flexfriday to all and Special Congrats to Corina Mendoza who showed well at the Grand Rapids NPC Show and took the $ in the most recent @flexfitnesshollandmi transformation challenge! Nice work! ???

Corina Mendoza Bikini Competitor FLEX Fitness Center

#2 – The coolest thing we’ve read:

Is actually another Podcast, check out Tim Ferris with Dorian Yate:

#3 – Something cool we saw around the Gym this week:

Craig Vandeweg going over the line with his Tire Flipping workout and somehow capturing the LIVE ‘action’ on Insta…

#4 – Product we’re geeked about:

We’ve been fans of Tribulus for any guy over 30 for a long time, but Apex Male from Blackstone Labs is the whip diddy of natural Boosters for older dudes!

Apex Male

#5 – Most popular Social Post:

Adam Slagter at the Grand Rapids NPC Show!

 Have an awesome weekend!


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