flexfriday weightloss in the gym in holland

5 lbs. of #FlexFriday! June 16th Edition

It’s #FlexFriday! June 16th Edition

Happy #FlexFriday to all! Every Friday, Flex Fitness will bring you Five Pounds of Flex Friday – a quick, entertaining read showing you the greatest things we’ve seen this week in the world of fitness, weightlifting, bodybuilding and other things in the world. Make sure you sign up here to get this in your inbox every week.

#1 – The #FlexFriday Pic of the Day:

Happy #flexfriday to all!!!

Check out Trevor Onken with the Dwayne The Rock Johnson style presses…

Dude’s lost 5 2 lbs. in 2017!

Yeah, Buddy!  That’s doin’ the frickin WORK 24/7!

Way to go, Trevor!

flexfriday weightloss in the gym in holland

#2 – The coolest thing we’ve read:

Results are in from the Michigan NPC:  http://www.michigannpcnews.com/2017_michigan

Our own Greg ‘The King’ Castro took 2nd in Grand Masters Bodybuilding!

#3 – Something fun we saw around the Gym this week:

‘Rookies’ new girls at FLEX who jumped right into Boxing with Johnny.  Way to step up, girls!

Boxing workout at FLEX Gym with Johnny Garcia

#4 – Product we’re geeked about:

We’ve been fans of Tribulus for any guy over 30 for a long time, but Apex Male from Blackstone Labs is the whip diddy of natural Boosters for older dudes!


natural male testosterone booster

#5 – Our most popular Social Post from this week:

Miss Nancy on the spot on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVV0NQgly9J

Have an awesome weekend!


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