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5 lbs. of #FlexFriday – July 14 Edition

It’s #FlexFriday! July 14th Edition

Happy #FlexFriday to all! Every Friday, Flex Fitness will bring you Five Pounds of Flex Friday – a quick, entertaining read showing you the greatest things we’ve seen this week in the world of fitness, weightlifting, bodybuilding and other things in the world. Make sure you sign up here to get this in your inbox every week.

#1 – The #FlexFriday Pic of the Day:

Happy #flexfriday to all!!!

Dar Weighmink hammering on the Hammer Strength Press.

Check out our new photos from Andrew Santellan https://www.facebook.com/andrewroyphotography

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#2 – The coolest thing we’ve read:

We’re going Listened to vs. Read today and the latest Tim Ferris Podcast with special guest Mark Bell.  Mark is a leader in the Power Lifting world and his insights struck us as interesting in that he keeps it simple and people tend to way over think and over complicate their workouts: https://tim.blog/2017/07/12/inside-the-world-of-supertraining-mark-bell/

#3 – Something fun we saw around the Gym this week:

People who are inspired by trying out new gear and seeing them work on full pull ups for the first time!

#4 – Product we’re geeked about:

New Ntel Pharma Arez preworkout.  It’s a BEAST!  We have this only in Retail, not Online, so come in a try this dude:  https://flexfitnesscenter.com/shop/

#5 – Our most popular Social Post from this week:

Another shot by Andrew Roy Photo shared on Insta, this is Marcell Sherman, on the same Hammer Strength press as our #flexfriday shot: https://www.instagram.com/p/BWXvOdml_AF

Have an awesome weekend!


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