Flex Fitness since 1985 Anniversary

5 lbs. of #FlexFriday – Flexiversary Edition

It’s #FlexFriday! August 18 Edition

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#1 – The #FlexFriday Pic of the Day:

Happy #flexfriday to all!!!

Check out our new photos from Andrew Santellan https://www.facebook.com/andrewroyphotography

Flex Fitness since 1985 Anniversary

#2-5 – Over-riding theme of the week:

We simply want to say Thank You!

This week marks our Flexiversary since Flex’ founding in August of 1985.

32 Years as a small, independent, weightlifting gym, in a small town is truly exceptional by any measure and we’re so grateful to everyone who’s helped make this possible.

Happy Flexiversary to all of you!  

Have an awesome weekend!


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