Lipo H4CK


Fat Incinerator


Anybody who has even tried to get shredded (Not just LEAN, I mean ripped to shreds) knows it is quite an undertaking. The professionals have mastered it. They take numerous items to burn fat from all possible angles. Just like a boxer who will attack his opponent with multiple different style punches.

That is what NTEL Nutra Lipo H4CK does; it launches a multi-dimensional warfare on your fat to the point where your fat stores are being attacked from every angle with no escape.


Lipo H4CK provides you with 14 potent and active ingredients to use for your fight to get super lean all working synergistically to:

Preserve Lean Muscle
Increase Thyroid Output
Control Appetite
Rapidly Reduce Body Fat
Also included is a Crash Prevention Matrix to keep your mood and energy levels up!


Additional Information
Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions .3 × .3 × .6 in