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When AREZ White debuted in 2017, it defined what the ultimate pre workout experience should be with its combination of laser-focused power and euphoric intensity. But, as with everything in life, things change.

Greatness breeds imitation, impersonation, and emulation. To maintain our status as pioneers in the extreme pre workout landscape, NTel Nutra sought to do the impossible — improve AREZ White.

Countless hours of research, development, and testing have culminated in the creation of a pre workout that brings superhuman focus, upgraded pumps, and a surge of raw power unlike anything you’ve felt before.

This is AREZ TITANium.

AREZ TITANium embodies everything that users adored in the original AREZ White and made it better.

  • More intense energy.
  • Bigger, badder pumps.
  • Enhanced mental clarity


You demanded more, and we’ve delivered it all and more in AREZ Titanium!

Key Features:

– Raw, intense energy
– Tunnel-vision focus
– Relentless determination
– Greater endurance and stamina
– Reduced fatigue
– Dense, powerful muscle pumps
– Skin-bursting vascularity
– Enhanced fat burning
– Heightened mood
– ZERO crash